Today we are happy to announce a very special release because REDDCRYPT is now available as a managed service solution.

Important: Please clear your browser cache when you visit This is only necessary once. In the next release it will not be necessary anymore.

At a glance

What’s new:

  • REDDCRYPT as a managed service
  • Affiliate program for REDDCRYPT (Zum Partnerprogramm)
  • Partner portal for managing customers (Details)
  • For all users: The web app now has a dark mode (Details)
  • REDDCRYPT Business: Permissions Implementation (Details)
  • REDDCRYPT Business: Implementation of a Compliance Log (Details)

What bugs were fixed?

  • Web App: When an HTML attachment was sent the text in the email was no longer displayed correctly
  • Web App: The button “Buy REDDCRYPT” is no longer displayed if you already have a paid license
  • Web App: The 2-factor-authentication could only be deactivated if you were logged in. If this is not possible ( for example because one has lost his device) this can now also be done via a confirmation link in an email.