Flexible integration of REDDCRYPT

e.g. addons for mail clients or integration into established systems

Not only people but also applications and external systems generate and send emails. Often these emails contain sensitive information like contracts or payrolls. Thanks to REDDCRYPT API these emails can be automatically encrypted in the future.

Automatic sending of emails through your systems

Exemplary tasks

Be it order confirmations, tax documents or contract changes – documents that have been generated by ERP or CRM systems often contain sensitive information that should not be seen by third parties.

The same goes for HR which automatically sends income and commission accounts to payroll offices or tax accountants.


Through REDDCRYPT automation you can adjust your systems to automatically request the recipient’s public key before sending so that emails are then sent encrypted through the REDDCRYPT API.

The recipient receives the encrypted REDDCRYPT email and can decrypt the mail with one of the REDDCRYPT apps.

Every time emails are automatically generated and sent by a system, REDDCRYPT automation provides the option to encrypt emails before sending. The necessary changes to your system are minor.

Manual sending by employees

Exemplary tasks

Are you using a mail client for which you would like to create a REDDCRYPT addon? Would you like to let your employees decide whether emails should be sent encrypted or unencrypted in your ERP or CRM systems?


Thanks to the flexible API you can develop an addon or an integration for every application you use, thus providing the user withe the choice whether to send emails encrypted or unencrypted.

How the decision is made by your users is up to you and your developers. You could do it with a pop-up window (see our REDDCRYPT Outlook plugin)  or a separate button “Encrypt now” that you can incorporate into your application. You are as flexible as your system allows.

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