REDDCRYPT 2.0 – Extensive updates and launch of REDDCRYPT Business

We are happy to inform you about our recent updates for REDDCRYPT.

In the following we would like to provide you with a quick overview about changes & updates before going into more detail.

2020-02-03T12:02:40+01:0025. November 2019|Product News|

New functions for Outlook plugin and Windows app

Today we published the new versions of our Outlook plugin and the Windows app. The following entry will give an overview about recent product changes.

Display name and traceability of email encryption

So far the fields “From” (Inbox) and “To” (Outbox) showed the word REDDCRYPT. This has been changed so that decrypted mails now show […]

2019-06-25T09:17:31+02:0025. June 2019|Product News|

OpenPGP private key can now be exported

As you may know, REDDCRYPT is based on OpenPGP. As the creation and exchanging of certificates is a major obstacles for many users, REDDCRYPT was developed to handle the complete certificate management automatically in the background.

Recently we have been asked what would happen to the received emails should the REDDCRYPT service be shut down at […]

2019-06-24T14:52:22+02:0024. June 2019|Product News|

Mobile email encryption: smartphone apps finalized

After the completion of the relevant desktop apps, the REDDCRYPT mobile apps for Android and iOS have been finalized. In the following days the apps will be published in the respective app stores and will be available for download in Apple’s AppStore and in the Google Play Store.

Here you can find more details regarding […]

2019-06-04T14:18:18+02:0017. May 2019|Product News|

The Outlook plugin is finished

After having finalized the web app, we are happy to announce the finalization of the first version of the Outlook plugin which allows REDDCRYPT users to encrypt and decrypt mails with only one click.

We are working on finalizing the Windows app in the following days, so that Windows users who are not using […]

2019-06-04T11:29:32+02:0003. April 2019|Product News|

The core web app is ready

After having finished the back-end technology at the end of 2018, we are happy to announce another milestone: the web app has been finalized. With this the central app will be available soon.

Reminder: We are diligently working on our REDDCRYPT solution with the aim to enable everyone – including ‘normal’ users that are not […]

2019-06-04T10:35:34+02:0003. April 2019|Product News|
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