Easy email encryption for your inbox

no matter whether for your company inbox or personal inbox

With REDDCRYPT we pursue the goal to make the world a little more secure. That is why we offer email encryption for everyone, for both companies and individuals. Our main focus is the best possible user comfort without cuts to security.

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Web app
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Windows application

Free for everyone REDDCRYPT web app

The REDDCRYPT web app is the ideal introduction to email encryption and protecting your emails against third-party access. You only need an account and are ready to go and encrypt your emails upon successful authentication on the web app.

Receiving an encrypted email is just as easy. Just log in to the web app and you will be ready to read your emails with one click.

The best of it all: No matter where in the world you are located and what device you are using, the web app always works while retaining security, of course. As only you know your login information (based on your email address and a password), only you have access to your emails.

Mit der REDDCRYPT Web App kann Jeder kostenfrei seine E-Mails ver- und entschlüsseln

For frequent users: REDDCRYPT Professional

For your familiar environment:
REDDCRYPT Outlook plugin

With the REDDCRYPT Outlook you can encrypt and decrypt emails at the click of a button without having to leave your mail client.

The REDDCRYPT Outlook plugin combines security and easy usability. When clicking ‘Send’ in Microsoft Outlook you will be asked whether you would like to encrypt the email. This ensures that users don’t forget encrypting their emails and send unencrypted emails by accident.

If desired this prompt can, of course, be deactivated and with a click on Encrypt you can decide on your own when an email should be encrypted and when not.

E-Mail in Outlook verschlüsseln - mit einem Klick

No need for Microsoft Outlook:
REDDCRYPT Windows app

If you intend on encrypting emails frequently but you are not using Microsoft Outlook, our REDDCRYPT Windows application has you covered.

This application for the Microsoft Windows OS looks and feels like a mail client and is just as easy to handle.

When receiving emails in the future, those emails have an attachment that contains the encrypted emails. With a simple double click the attachment can be opened with the Windows app and you will be able to read and reply.

REDDCRYPT App for Windows

Secure while on the go:
REDDCRYPT smartphone apps

Mobile users have two options to encrypt emails.

If you are on a device that is not your own you can easily access the web app via browser. The web app is, of course, programmed to be responsive and adaptive to different screen resolutions.

Furthermore, we provide you with native smartphone apps for iOS and Android for the greatest user comfort.

When receiving an encrypted email with REDDCRYPT this email has an attachment that contains the encrypted email.
With a click on the attachment the smartphone app opens and you will be able to read and reply to emails.

REDDCRYPT Smartphone Apps - E-Mailverschlüsselung auch unterwegs jederzeit möglich

REDDCRYPT Professional - 30-day free trial of all apps & functions

Non-binding and no automatic extension

Regardless of whether you already are a free user of the REDDCRYPT web app or not, we would like to invite you to try out our 30-day free trial of all REDDCRYPT apps & functions – completely free and non-binding. Gain a personal impression of our easy-to-use email encryption.