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Specialists for email management and IT security

REDDCRYPT is a brand of REDDOXX GmbH.

Since the company’s foundation in 2005 we have specialized in the fields of email management and IT security. Boasting more than 3,500 installations of our email gateway in Germany, REDDOXX is one of the leading manufacturers of IT solutions affiliated with email communications. Our customer roster includes numerous renowned enterprises, corporations and public entities.

REDDOXX at a glance:
100% Made in Germany

  • 30 employees
  • founded in 2005
  • 100% self-funded
  • 4 locations in Germany
  • over 3,500 customers in D/A/CH
  • data centers in Germany
  • development & support located in Germany

What we do and how we’re wired: Our image movie incl. outtakes (German incl. subtitles)

The origin of REDDCRYPT

With REDDOXX MailSealer we have been offering a central gateway for digital signatures and email encryption since 2007. For over a decade we have been hearing the same from companies: ‘Email encryption is too complicated’.

After many conversations we have realized that even the majority of system administrators are uncertain about how S/MIME & PGP really work. Which certificates do I have to buy? Why do I have to exchange certificates with my counterpart first? Which certificate do I use when encrypting emails?

As many find email encryption too complicated it is often used only irregularly. Of course, this is better than nothing but still negligent as emails have a similar security level as postcards. Everything that is written in an email can be read and potentially edited. Nevertheless, sensitive data is still send via mail unencrypted: e.g. credit card numbers, sensitive personal information.

Every time something happens we receive a lot of calls and the general interest in email encryption rises rapidly. The recent implementation of the European GDPR being the latest case:”We would like to encrypt all of our email communication!” A commendable idea but hard to put into practice.

But why? Let’s think about this.

Email is the communication medium #1 worldwide

Our mission: making the world a little bit more secure

It is estimated that 848 billion emails were sent in 2018 in Germany alone – spam excluded. This is 77 billion more emails than in 2017 (source:  Statista). It can be assumed that most of these emails were sent unencrypted.

With REDDCRYPT our goal is for everyone to be able to easily encrypt sensitive data. REDDCRYPT users don’t need knowledge in cryptography or advanced IT-knowledge to encrypt emails. However, advanced users may continue reading about our solution and its workings in detail.

In order for everyone to be able to protect their data from prying eyes and manipulation we have decided to publish a free version of REDDCRYPT.

Andreas Dannenberg
Andreas DannenbergFounder & CEO
“Making the world a little bit safer is what drives my employees and me every day!”
Christian Schröder
Christian SchröderSales Director
“Everyone struggles with email encryption – individuals and companies alike. That’s what we want to change with REDDCRYPT.”
Alexander Bauer
Alexander BauerSoftware Development Director
“Easy AND secure email encryption for everyone – that idea has been in my head for years.”