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With a sensitive topic such as the encryption of emails it is important to be able to reproduce changes. For this reason extensive logging takes place in the compliance log.

The compliance log also contains entries of settings that – if selected – your REDDCRYPT partner has made for you. In detail the entries look as follows:

Filter entries

Because a large number of entries may be generated the compliance log offers extensive filtering options. You can filter according to the following criteria:

  • Date
  • Categorie
  • Type


The grouping of entries into categories is based on the menu items in the organization settings:

  • General
  • Account
  • Organization
  • Members
  • Master-Key
  • Trusted Domains
  • My Partner
  • License


If the single category returns too many results or you want to evaluate a specific action you can do it using the type:

  • Organization Creation
  • Organization updated
  • Organization Profile edited
  • Organization Profile deleted
  • User invited to Organization
  • User removed from Organization
  • User deleted by Organization
  • Invitation accepted (means the invitation to the organization)
  • Invitation rejected (means the invitation to the organization)
  • Master Key created
  • Password Reset accepted
  • Password Reset rejected
  • Trusted Domain added
  • Trusted Domain removed
  • User added via trusted domain
  • User deleted via trusted domain
  • Reseller selected
  • Reseller removed
  • Reseller Roles changed
  • Reseller permissions changed
  • Reseller – Roles assigned
  • Reseller – Roles unassigned
  • Reseller – Permissions assigned
  • Reseller – Permissions unassigned
  • Role assigned
  • Roles changed
  • Roles unassigned
  • Permissions assigned
  • Permissions changed
  • Permissions unassigned
  • License ordered (means that the order process has been processed)
  • License bought (means that the payment process has been completed)
  • License extendet