With REDDOXX MailSealer we have been offering a central email gateway for email encryption and decryption since 2007. Since the beginning we have been hearing that email encryption is too complicated for many users.

Even large companies and enterprises only encrypt a small percentage of their email communication. When communication partners are small businesses or even private persons email encryption via S/MIME and PGP is (often) out of the question and a seemingly insurmountable  obstacle. That is what we want to change!

With REDDCRYPT we have started the development of a new solution with the aim of enabling everybody to easily use email encryption – device-independent and from anywhere in the world.

Besides the usage in large corporations we want private clients and small businesses to be able to securely communicate sensitive information regardless of who the recipient is.
Our plans for the future Outlook plugin includes end-to-end email encryption for Office 365.

We will keep you updated on the development and news regarding REDDCRYPT!