Easiest encryption and decryption in Outlook

Encrypt Outlook emails with only one click – also for Microsoft 365 (former Office 365)

Microsoft Outlook is by far the most widely used email client. A growing number of businesses are using cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365 (former Office 365) for their emails. No matter if you operate your own mail server in your own network, use a cloud service or store your emails with providers such as Strato, 1&1 etc., encrypting emails directly in Microsoft Outlook with REDDCRYPT is possible in each case.

Emailing as usual

After installing the REDDCRYPT Outlook plugin you may proceed with writing your emails as usual in Outlook.

You will now find an additional button in Outlook. Upon clicking it you can decide whether to encrypt the Outlook email or not.

Alternatively, you can configure the Outlook plugin to ask you if you would like to encrypt the email before sending, thus, preventing you from accidentally forgetting to encrypt the email.

E-Mail in Outlook verschlüsseln - mit einem Klick

Encryption with one click

Wenn der Empfänger bekannt ist, erfolgt die Verschlüsselung automatisiert

Upon clicking ‘Send’ to send your encrypted email, the Outlook plugin automatically checks whether the recipient already has a REDDCRYPT account.

If there is already a key pair available for the recipient’s email address no further action is needed.The email is automatically encrypted with the recipient’s public key and securely transmitted without anybody being able to intercept the emails’ contents.

If the recipient does not have an account yet, you simply define a passphrase for the first initial email.

Onetime passwords for new recipients

The passphrase you defined has to be communicated to the recipient. We recommend a media break in order to make this process more secure. This means communicating the passphrase to the recipient over a medium that is not email such as SMS, call or letter.

The recipient creates and account with his email address and a password in the REDDCRYPT web app. Upon successful authentication the recipient will be able to see your email and decrypt it when entering the passphrase defined by the sender earlier.

A passphrase is only defined for the first email. Afterwards no passphrase is needed.

Bei unbekannten Empfängern erfolgt die Verschlüsselung über ein einmaliges Passwort

Encrypted with one click

When receiving an email – for example as a reply – you will receive an info email in your Microsoft Outlook inbox.

The encrypted email is part of the attachment of a new info mail that describes the REDDCRYPT process. This attachment can be opened and decrypted with the web app, the Windows application or one of our smartphone apps.

Users of the REDDCRYPT Outlook plugin have the additional convenience to encrypt emails with only one click.

Emailing as usual in Outlook

After clicking decrypt you will be able to simply read the email in your Outlook mail client. Of course, you will be able to access attachments if available.

With the REDDCRYPT Outlook plugin you gain the highest user comfort as both encryption and decryption conveniently take place within your email client.

Nach der Entschlüsselung befindet sich die E-Mail im Klartext im Outlook


Email encryption in Outlook – This is how the REDDCRYPT Outlook plugin works

In our screencast we will show you how the REDDCRYPT Outlook plugin works.

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Email encryption within Microsoft Outlook has never been this easy. No matter the recipient, REDDCRYPT encrypts your emails. See it for yourself and try REDDCRYPT for free and without any obligation.

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REDDCRYPT is not only available as an Outlook plugin.

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