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On this page we would like to provide you with letter templates which you may use to inform partners about the use of REDDCRYPT.

A reminder: One of REDDCRYPT’s biggest advantages is the possibility to write encrypted emails to everyone. It doesn’t matter if the recipients are REDDCRYPT users or not. If the recipients are not yet REDDCRYPT users you simply define a one-time passphrase with which the recipient can decrypt the first initial email. After the first mail this passphrase is not needed anymore.

If the recipient already has a REDDCRYPT account there is no need for any passwords or passphrases. It is advisable to ask your communication partner to create a free account beforehand so that the initial passphrase is no longer required. For this purpose we have created a letter template for you to use, edit and adapt to your likings.


Download (PDF)

Download (Word)