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It can happen that emails from REDDCRYPT are moved from Outlook to the Junk E-Mail folder and thus are detected as spam by mistake. It can also happen that you receive emails from REDDCRYPT but they are deleted from your Outlook after two seconds.

Emails from REDDCRYPT are moved to the Junk E-Mail folder

We at REDDCRYPT have taken all necessary security precautions (e.g. correct setting of SPF entries) to ensure that emails from REDDCRYPT will be delivered and not be incorrectly recognized as spam. We are also not known about any cases where emails from REDDCRYPT have been detected as spam by professional anti-spam solutions. If this happens in your Outlook incorrect settings of the Junk E-Mail options are the reason.

In this article we show you how to correct these settings.

Open Junk E-Mail Options

To open the options please right-click on any email within Outlook. In the context menu please click on

Junk-E-Mail -> Junk-E-Mail-Options (see following screenshot in german)

Edit Junk-E-Mail-Options

In the cases we know about where emails from REDDCRYPT were incorrectly identified as spam, the selected option was “High”. You can see from the description of this option that “from time to time, normal messages are treated as junk email”.

So here is an incorrect detection by Outlook. If you change this option to “Low”, only obvious spam emails are moved to the Junk Email folder. E-mails from REDDCRYPT are no longer classified as spam after the change (see following Screenshot in german).

Emails are removed from Outlook after two seconds

If emails disappear again after a short time this may also be due to a setting in the junk email options. You can set a check mark in the settings which causes emails to be deleted immediately instead of being moved to the Junk E-Mail folder. This process takes about two seconds so the email will be delivered first and then deleted immediately. If you don’t want this to happen you can uncheck the checkbox in the settings (see following screenshot in german).