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The Web App for REDDCRYPT (found at can accessed directly in the Browser and does not need the installation of additional software.

Please consider that the Internet Explorer does not support native de- or encrypting (Web Crypto API). This means that IE will take aproximatly 10 times longer to de- or encrypt compared to other browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge). Therefore, Internet Explorer is not supported.

Registration / Login

Start your browser and open the url: Here you can select if you want to create a new REDDCRYPT Account or lgin to an already existing Account.

Create new Account

Enter your E-Mail address that you want to use for REDDCRYPT

An email will be sent to you with a Registration pin to verify your address. Enter the pin in the following screen.

Provide credentials for your REDDCRYPT account.

Add existing Account

Enter your E-Mail address and your password.


The most important settings can be found in the top right corner.

In the top left corner the Mailbox Management can be found.

Here you can switch the mailbox view between inbox and outbox, write encrypted mails or open a REDDCRYPT File

New email

  • Write a new Mail
  • In the recipient field, we check wether the user has already a REDDCRYPT Account
  • If a REDDCRYPT Account for the recipient is available, the address is marked green:

If the recipient does not have a REDDCRYPT Account yet, the address is highligted in red.

When you click Send, you need to provide a password and tell this password to your recipient (e.g. via phone):

Options for emails

Additinionally, the following features are available in the inbox and outbox:

  1. Reply
  2. Replay All
  3. Forward
  4. Save mail encrypted
  5. Save mail unencrypted
  6. Delete mail

Account Settings

In the account settings, you can Logout, Change your password, Delete your account and export your private key (e.g. to use in other PGP Software).


Here the language can be switched between english and german.