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To use the Web App of REDDCRYPT it is necessary that the browser used supports the Web Cryptography API. Simplified this API allows that – although you work in the browser – all encryption and decryption is done locally on your device. For us this is an elementary function and a key feature which is why we as a provider also have no possibility to read your e-mails (details about the technology of REDDCRYPT).

You can say that all modern browsers support this Web Cryptography API which is why the REDDCRYPT Web App should also work with all modern browsers.

Below you will find an overview of the browsers we have tested. The browsers are tested again in irregular intervals. However it can be expected that all following versions will be supported as well because it does not make sense for the developers of the browsers to remove the API again.

Browser Tested versionoperationalLast testedAnmerkung
Internet Explorer11.900.18362.0NoAugust 06, 2020Does not support the API
Firefox79.0YesAugust 06, 2020
Edge84.0.522.52YesAugust 06, 2020
Safari für Windows5.1.7NoAugust 06, 2020Safari for Windows is not further developed by Apple
Safari für Mac13.1.1YesAugust 06, 2020
Google Chrome84.0.4147.105Yes August 06, 2020
Vivaldi3.2.1967.41Yes August 06, 2020
Opera70.0.3728.95Yes August 06, 2020
T-Online Browser7.77.0.210Yes August 06, 2020
Tor Browser9.5.3Yes August 06, 2020
Brave1.11.104Yes August 06, 2020