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With the release 2.1 of 31 March 2020 the company profile for REDDCRYPT Business was implemented. This allows you to adapt the transport mail, which is sent to your recipients when encrypting e-mails, to your company.

Set up your company profile

You set up your company profile in the Web App:

Settings -> My Organization -> Profile

You can enter a URL next to a logo. We recommend that you create a small help page for REDDCRYPT on your website and place this link in your profile.This has the advantage that the recipients immediately see that the e-mail really comes from you and they also find direct help with open questions.

For assistance, it is also a good idea to provide a telephone number where your recipients can ask for information on the process in case of questions.

Company profile to edit the reddcrypt transportmail

Request an sample mail

After you have completed and saved your company profile you can request the finished result by clicking on “Send an example mail”.

reddcrypt transportmail with company details