We are very pleased to inform you today about the new update of REDDCRYPT.

What is new?

  1. All REDDCRYPT plans: Because newsletters can easily get forgotten the Web App now has integrated notifications which we can use to inform you – as you are currently experiencing it live – about innovations and news directly in the application. This function will also be available in other apps in the future.
  2. REDDCRYPT Business: With the implementation of the trusted domains administrators now have the possibility to automatically assign employees to their own organisation already during the registration, so that manual effort is no longer necessary. Further details and instructions can be found at https://www.reddcrypt.com/en/knowledge-base/my-domains/.
  3. REDDCRYPT Business: With the new company profile you can now adapt the transport mail to your recipients and thus further increase the level of trust. Details and instructions can be found at https://www.reddcrypt.com/en/knowledge-base/company-profile/.

What has changed?

  1. All REDDCRYPT plans: Attachments can be dragged and dropped directly into the text field of the email in the Web App
  2. REDDCRYPT Business: If a user changes his password the user is immediately encrypted again with the master key (previously this was done with the first login after changing the password)