Windows app for encryption and decryption

Securely sending emails without Microsoft Outlook ®

The most frequently used mail client in the world is probably Microsoft Outlook ®. Naturally, we offer an Outlook plugin for email encryption. However, even without being a user of Microsoft Outlook ® you are able to encrypt emails with REDDCRYPT. Besides our device-independent web app we offer a standalone application for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Just like an email client

After installing our REDDCRYPT Windows app on your computer you will be able to write and securely send encrypted emails containing sensitive information.

Visually the Windows app looks like a regular mail client. Of course, emails can be formatted, images can be inserted and attachments can be added.

Whether recipients are already REDDCRYPT users can be seen after entering their email addresses.

REDDCRYPT App for Windows
Die Windows App von REDDCRYPT stellt sich wie ein Mailclient dar und ist dadurch intuitiv bedienbar

Encrypted with only one click

Recipients whose email addresses are marked green are already users of REDDCRYPT. In these cases there is nothing more to do. The email is encrypted automatically and the recipient can decrypt the email using one of the REDDCRYPT apps.

Recipients whose email addresses are marked yellow are not yet users of REDDCRYPT. Not to worry – you can still send them encrypted emails.

Unique passwords for new recipients

If the recipient of your email is not yet using REDDCRYPT you are still able to send him or her encrypted emails. For this you simply define a passphrase that you communicate to the recipient via SMS, call, letter etc. It is highly recommended to not send this passphrase via email but to use another medium (i.e. media disruption).

Afterwards the recipient can create a free account with his/her email address and a password of his/her choice. Upon successful authentication the recipient can see your email and decrypt it with the passphrase. This process is only necessary for the first email. After the first email no passphrase is needed as the recipient is now also a REDDCRYPT user and the encryption & decryptiom takes place automatically in the background

Wenn der Empfänger noch kein REDDCRYPT verwendet, können Sie ihm dennoch eine verschlüsselte E-Mail schicken
Die verschlüsselte E-Mail ist über die Windows App jederzeit lesbar

Decrypted with one click

When receiving an encrypted email there are two ways to read it.

The email is send as an encrypted attachment as part of an info mail to your regular inbox. After having installed the Windows app you will be able to open the attachment (containing the encrypted email) with a simple double click.

Alternatively you can, of course, simply open the Windows app and the email you received will be decrypted and readable there.

30-day free trial of all apps & functions

Non-binding, no automatic extension

Email encryption has never been as easy as with REDDCRYPT. No matter who you want to send emails to, with REDDCRYPT these emails are securely encrypted. Try it out yourself with the Windows app – for free and without any obligations.

Download Windows app


REDDCRYPT is not only available as a Windows application.

Web app

Mit der REDDCRYPT Web App können Sie Ihre E-Mail auf jedem Gerät ver- und entschlüsseln - ganz ohne Zertifikate

Smartphone apps

Outlook plugin

E-Mail in Outlook verschlüsseln - mit einem Klick