Free for everyone: web app

 Device-independent access from anywhere in the world

With the web app you can access your encrypted emails anytime from anywhere in the world no matter the device you are using. You only need your email address and your password for authentication. Afterwards, REDDCRYPT automatically encrypts your emails before sending so that your emails and their contents remain private.

Easy to use

You simply write your email in the REDDCRYPT app and enter the recipient’s email address. If the recipient is also a REDDCRYPT user you don’t need to take any further action.

With the REDDCRYPT Web App you can encrypt and decrypt your e-mail on any device - without certificates
If the recipient is not a REDDCRYPT user yet, only a one time passphrase is needed to encrypt

Recipient isn’t a REDDCRYPT user

If the recipient isn’t a REDDCRYPT user yet, you have to define a passphrase with which the email will be encrypted. The passphrase is required only for the first email.

The recipient needs this passphrase to decrypt the email upon receiving it.

Easy to use for everyone

The recipient creates a free account with his email address and a password of his/her choice. After successful authentication the recipient is able to see the email sent by you.

This email is accessible online. Additionally, the email has been transferred to the user’s regular inbox and can be decrypted in any REDDCRYPT app.

The recipient only needs the defined passphrase to decrypt the first e-mail

Decryption in the browser

If the recipient already has a REDDCRYPT account they can read the email immediately after opening their app.

If this is their first time receiving an encrypted REDDCRYPT email they will be prompted to enter the defined passphrase after clicking on the mail.

In order to securely communicate the passphrase we recommend a media disruption, i.e. communicating the passphrase via SMS, phone call or letter to the recipient. In any case, the passphrase should not be communicated via email.

Reading emails in the browser

After successfully entering the passphrase the recipient gains access to the emails and potential attachments. If desired, he can reply to the email or forward it to third parties. If the email is forwarded to someone who is not a REDDCRYPT user the definition of a new passphrase is required.

Additionally, the recipient has the option of saving emails to his device if he so wishes.

Via web app the decrypted email is readable on any device anywhere in the world

One time passphrase

If you reply to this email a passphrase is not required because the recipient is also a REDDCRYPT user (recognizable by the green marking). The recipient already has a public key available which is used for the decryption. Of course, this does not only apply for replying but also for sending new emails to any REDDCRYPT user.

With REDDCRYPT you receive the highest possible user comfort as a passphrase is only necessary once.

Encrypt emails for free now

With the web app you can encrypt and decrypt your emails on any device. Get a sense of how easy security can be and start communicating confidentially with anyone today. And that’s 100% for free!

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REDDCRYPT is not only available via web app.

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