Email encryption on your smartphone

Keep your emails secure while on the go

Whether you are at the office or at home, with the Outlook plugin, the web app and Windows app you can always easily encrypt and decrypt your emails. While on the go you can use the web app no matter the device you are using as it has been designed to be completely responsive.

If you are a frequent user of REDDCRYPT the smartphone apps – with automatic login and other features – offer much more convenience.

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Easy handling

After installing the REDDCRYPT app on your smartphone you are free to use it whenever you want to securely send and receive sensitive information.

Visually the smartphone app is similar to other mail apps in that you have an inbox and an outbox. Emails can be formatted and attachments can be added, of course.

If you already have a REDDCRYPT account you are ready to go. If not, you may create an account within a few seconds.

Nach der Installation der App können Sie sich in wenigen Sekunden einen REDDCRYPT Account erstellen
Wenn Sie eine verschlüsselte E-Mail über die Smartphone App versenden, sehen Sie direkt, ob der Empfänger ebenfalls REDDCRYPT nutzt

Sending straight from the app

Whether recipients are already REDDCRYPT users or not you can see upon entering their email addresses.

Recipients whose email addresses are marked green are already users of REDDCRYPT. In these cases there is nothing more to do. The email is encrypted automatically and the recipient can decrypt the email with one of the REDDCRYPT apps.

Recipients whose email addresses are marked yellow are not yet users of REDDCRYPT. Not to worry – you an still send encrypted emails to these recipients.

Unique passphrases for new recipients

If the recipient of your email is not yet using REDDCRYPT you are still able to send him or her encrypted emails. For this you simply define a passphrase that you communicate to the recipient via SMS, call, letter etc. It is highly recommended to not send this passphrase via email but to use another medium (i.e. media disruption).

Afterwards the recipient can create a free account with his/her email address and a password of his/her choice. Upon successful login the recipient can see your email and decrypt it with the passphrase. This process is only necessary for the first email. After the first email no passphrase is needed as the recipient is now also a REDDCRYPT user and the encryption takes place automatically in the background.

Sie können verschlüsselte E-Mails auch an diejenigen senden,
Sie sehen die E-Mails jederzeit in Ihrer Inbox

Emails are readable in the app in an instant

If you receive an email, this email is send as an encrypted attachment to your regular inbox. There you can decrypt the encrypted email with e.g. the Outlook plugin or the Windows app.

At the same time you can open the encrypted email in a REDDCRYPT app on your smartphone so that you have your sensitive emails ready while on the go.

Decryption with passphrase

If you receive an email and already have a REDDCRYPT account at that point, you will be able to instantly read the email.

If you haven’t used REDDCRYPT before and the email has been encrypted with a passphrase you have to have the passphrase chosen by the email’s sender as the passphrase is needed for decrypting the email. Such a passphrase is only necessary for the first email. All successive emails are automatically decrypted in the background.

Das entschlüsseln einer mit der Passphrase verschlüsselten E-Mail geht selbstverständlich auch in der App
Sie können aus der Smartphone App heraus E-Mails beantworten oder an andere Empfänger weiterleiten
Über den Editor kann die E-Mail formatiert werden, auch Anhänge können Sie hinzufügen

Answering and forwarding emails

Of course, you can reply to emails and forward them to third parties.

Again, you can instantly see whether the recipient is already a user of REDDCRYPT (green) or if you need to define a one-time passphrase for the recipient (yellow).

30-day free trial of all apps & functions

Non-binding, no automatic extension

Email encryption has never been as easy as with REDDCRYPT. No matter who you want to send emails to, with REDDCRYPT these emails are securely encrypted. Try it out yourself with the smartphone apps for iOS and Android – for free and without any obligations.

Download REDDCRYPT now on the App Store
Download REDDCRYPT now on the Google Play Store

More REDDCRYT apps

REDDCRYPT is not only available as a smartphone app.

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Mit der REDDCRYPT Web App können Sie Ihre E-Mail auf jedem Gerät ver- und entschlüsseln - ganz ohne Zertifikate

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E-Mail in Outlook verschlüsseln - mit einem Klick

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